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Does the pet have any old injuries or health problems?  If yes, please describe.

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Does the pet need any medication or special diet?  If yes, please describe.

What is the pet's feeding schedule: (Fed in AM, fed in PM, free fed, etc)

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How long have you had the pet?

Where was the pet acquired?

Where is the pet allowed? (in the house, car, patio/deck, fenced yard, unfenced yard)

How much of the time was the pet outside?

How much of the time was the pet inside?

Where did you leave the pet during the day while you were at work/school?

Where did you leave the pet when you were gone on vacation?

How many hours per day was the pet left unsupervised?

Where does the pet usually sleep?

Is the pet a fence jumper?  If yes, how high is the fence and what kind of fence is it?

Does the pet regularly escape from your yard?  If yes, please describe.

When does the pet try to escape from the yard? (All the time, when left alone, other)

What type of training has the pet had? (Obedience, home, proffesional)

What commands does the pet know? (Sit, stay, lay down, come)

Does the pet do any tricks?

Is the pet house trained?

If there are house training issues, has the pet been seen by a vet to rule out physical issues?

Is the pet crate trained?

Is the dog leash trained?

Does the dog lunge at other dogs or people when leashed?

Has the pet ever bitten, snapped, or growled?  If yes, please explain.

Any bad habits?  If yes, please describe.

What have you done to correct any bad habits?

Is the dog a barker?  If yes, when does he/she tend to bark?

Is the pet freightened by anything? (men, children, brooms, thunder, vaccums, etc)

Is the pet aggressive towards anything?

Has the pet been around children?  If yes, are they well-behaved around them?

Is the pet overprotective?

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