Honey and Amber

Post date: Jun 18, 2015 2:23:11 PM


Ferrets Honey and Amber are a bonded pair of sisters. They are roughly 3 years old and very lovable. They do very well with children as long as the children are gentle and taught to handle them correctly. They also do not seem to mind cats or dogs but don't seem to have much interest in socializing with them. They are litter trained but do not use a corner litter box as they both like to try to be in the box at the same time. We have fashioned a long litter box from a tupperware container with one side cut out low enough for them to enter and exit. They spend much of their time playing and cuddling together and so enjoy one another's company. They also love their human fosters and very much enjoy when they get to play with their fishing pole toy. Both will give kisses from time to time when extremely happy and they have shown no signs of being nippy or bity at this time. They are super calm during bath time and love to burrow and play in towels.

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