Sincere gratitude to all our community supporters with special thanks to: 

The Weary Family Foundation has provided us a very generous grant to assist with all the miscellaneous expenses that come up during the year. It is difficult to express how much this grant has helped us and how grateful we are for their support.

The Greater Manhattan Community Foundation


Have your seen the new RCHS banner? JS Sign both designed and donated the materials and production costs for our beautiful new 4' x 8' banner just in time for the St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Manhattan. We're so grateful to all our community supporters. Thank you JS Sign!

Sunflower Pet Supplies has been a strong supporter of RCHS for many productive years.They have generously donated merchandise and money to help keep our animals healthy and happy, and have offered our animals the shelter and safety of their store while waiting to find new homes. They offer discounts on pet food to new adoptive parents of our animals, and they are strong advocates for the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats.  Visit their web page to check out their friendly (and furry!) staff members. 

Thank you everyone!

Thanks to the following businesses that have given us their support by donating 

space, services, supplies, and/or discounted rates for various projects or events: 

Thank you to the following local businesses for allowing us to place a donation jar inside your store: 

Thanks to the following shelters

Companies and Organizations

We need you! Perhaps you would like to donate your space to host one of our special events, donate supplies or services, or maybe you 

would like to honor our volunteers with a gift card. Maybe you would like to sponsor one of our fundraising events. There are so many 

ways that corporations and local businesses can help our animals.

If you are a local business owner and would like to support our organization, please contact us today at 785-776-8433 or (examples of support include: donation jars, sponsoring an event, allowing us to utilize your space to host events, 

gift certificates, etc...)