Sierra's Story

05/23/2011 The diagnosis is in.

We heard from Sierra's foster mom about the outcome of the ultrasound at KSU Vet Med.  Stones were found in her left ureter. Sierra's foster mom is checking on a couple of things and putting together a list of options for Sierra's treatment.  

So, the good news is that we have a diagnosis at last.  We will keep everyone up to date on what we learn the treatment options are.

Thank you all for your support and concern for Sierra.

05/20/2011 Great News!

Sierra is going to KSU today for her ultrasound!!! We reached our goal of $400 so her testing has begun.  We will be certain to post what we find out from the tests here , so please check back frequently.  We really cannot thank everyone enough for all the help.  Sierra is a very sweet girl, who deserves the treatment she needs.

We appreciate each and every donation made to help make this possible.  Thank you all so very much.

Much Appreciation,

RCHS Directors



011 - Update

Thank you to all of the people who have donated so I can get the treatment I need.  We are just over half way towards our goal.  I will be starting treatment real soon.  Please continue to help us get the word out so we can reach our goal of $400.  We will be sure to keep this page updated regarding my fund-raising and treatment.

Thank you again to all of those who have donated and helped get the word out regarding my story.

Kitty Licks,





Please read my story and donate right "meow", so I can receive the medical treatment I need. -- Donation options available at the end of my story.

I am a 9 year old beautiful, tortishell, female cat that looks pretty normal on the outside, but am in need of some special tests to figure out exactly what is going on inside of me.

My story begins as a kitten.  I was looking for my "furever" home at T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter, and found my "furever" family for the next 8 years.  After 8 years, i was returned to the shelter because my family was allergic to me.   I stayed at T Russell Reitz for another 6 months before being adopted again.  Within a month of being adopted by my 2nd "furever" family, I was diagnosed with an UTI (urinary track infection), and was prescribed antibiotics.  

This is where things really started to go down hill for me.  My family, at the time, did not complete my medication, and returned me to the shelter for soiling.  When I was returned to the shelter within a month for the 3rd time, I did not have my medication for my condition.  Because T Russell Reitz has very limited treatment options, I was transferred to RCHS as a foster kitty in their program.

Under a veterinarian's care, I finally received the antibiotics I needed.  After finishing the series of medication, my urine was retested for the UTI.  It was still highly positive for blood and protein.  I was then given a second series of a different antibiotic, but tested positive yet again for high blood and protein.  They then cultured my urine to gain a better understanding of my condition, and it was sterile, no bacteria present.  Next, they thought I might have an inflammatory bladder condition, so I was treated with prednisone.  However, my urine remained unchanged.  The vet then took radiographs, and they were unremarkable.  No change was seen. 

As I am sure you know, all of these tests and procedures are very expensive, but no improvement has been seen.  My condition does at time leave me feeling uncomfortable, so I have problems with house-soiling.  I currently live in a large crate so my condition can be monitor closely, and it helps me with my soiling.

Together, we need to raise enough money that I can have an Ultrasound so we can determine the next option for treatment.  Our goal is to raise about $400 to help cover some of the past medical expenses, but mostly to cover my upcoming expenses.  Once we raise this amount, the vet will be able to perform these specials test so I can get the best treatment for my condition.

Please donate right "meow", so I can get back to living my life to the fullest.

All donations, no matter how big or small will help make a difference.

Alternate ways to give.....

If you would prefer to mail donations vis the USPS:

Riley County Humane Society

P.O. Box 1202

Manhattan, KS 66505

If you would like to donate but do not wish to use any of the methods above please contact to make other arrangements. 

Thank You