Nutmeg, Nibbler & Squeak

Post date: Feb 27, 2016 4:11:27 AM

Mama Nutmeg came to RCHS about halfway through her pregnancy and gave birth to these two beautiful boys on New Year’s morning. Nutmeg is a super sweet girl who is a bit shy but has a big personality. She is very talkative when she hears the sound of a fridge door or a veggie bag rustle. She would do well with kids as long as she is supervised closely while being handled, as she is bit nervous when being picked up. Her adoption fee is $35.

Her boys, Nibbler (right) and Squeak(left), are now old enough to be on their own and are looking for their forever home as well. We would like to adopt them out together as guinea pigs tend to be happier in the company of other guinea pigs. They are extremely vocal little fellows and very active. They are still learning to trust humans, but they are coming along nicely as long as you have patience and move slowly. They will need to be housed in a larger cage, as bonded males often need more space to prevent squabbling. They will also need two separate hidey houses/tunnels to play in so they can be separate but safe if they so wish. Their adoption fee is $60.

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