Post date: Nov 26, 2016 7:39:16 PM

Albert is a big, lovable guy, with a very flamboyant personality. We believe he is a younger guinea pig, so he has lots of life to live and loves to give. Albert is very eager to receive pets and cuddles and doesn’t tend to run for cover when approached by humans like most guinea pigs do. He is also quite chatty and loves to tell you all about his day while you show him affection. Albert is very patient with children and doesn’t seem to really be phased by other household pets. For the most part he is a pretty confident and well adjusted guinea pig. Albert’s favorite time of the day is dinner time. During this time he tends to become boisterous, letting his humans know that they are bringing him his supper way too slowly. Albert came to RCHS significantly overweight, but with a healthy diet and exercise he has begun to shed some of it. He will need a dedicated family who can look past his begging habits and is committed to sticking to his diet and playtime exercise to help him maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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