Post date: Jun 18, 2015 2:24:30 PM


Meet Jackson! Jackson is an adult chow-chow mix. He is a big mellow sort of guy. He is estimated at around 7 years old and 55-60 lbs. Jackson is a little bit aloof with new people but has been friendly with everyone he's met so far. Since he is a quiet sort though, he would probably prefer a home without young children. Jackson came in to us from a shelter when his time was up. Based on his condition we are guessing he had always been an outdoor dog. He has done well being indoors, but he really needs to have a home with 6 ft fence in his permanent home or he will miss his outdoor time. Jackson will go wander off if let off his leash or in a short fence that he could get over. Jackson does very well with the other dogs he's met since he came in, including a very small dog. We are not sure what he thinks of cats. This boy deserves a great home.

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