Post date: Nov 26, 2016 7:29:19 PM

Rocky is a cute, 11 month old, orange tabby kitten with loads of love to give. Rocky is a very affectionate and people oriented boy. He likes to be scooped up and cuddled and almost always loves getting pets. He always wants to be with his people and prefers to sleep on them or at least with them. He is also very talkative and will have long conversations with you about how you should pet him and/or give him more food. Rocky has gotten nippy with people when he is startled or if he’s in a stressful situation (especially around new dogs) and you try to pick him up. Due to this totally understandable behavior we would prefer he does not go to a home with young children. He thinks all new humans are his friends and is not a timid guy at all. Rocky adjusted to the dogs in his foster home after about 3 weeks and would probably do fine in a home with dogs that weren’t too interested in him, if given enough time to adjust to them. Rocky likes other cats and would love to have some feline friends in his forever home. He can play a little rough with other cats so he will need kitty friends that are fairly tolerant and able to tell him when enough is enough. He is also still a kitten and likes to play with toys, laser pointers, and his kitty friends.

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Photo by Elin Maki