Caroline Thanks Her Guardian Angel - I've been adopted!

Post date: Apr 4, 2012 1:57:30 PM

My Story

My name is Caroline.  I was rescued from outside one cool, rainy morning last fall by an RCHS volunteer.  I was a very, very thin gal around the age of 8, been through a lot, and was in dire need of medical attention.  The volunteer took me to the vet  to get fixed up and fully vetted, and I was placed on hold to see if my past owner would reclaim me.  Sadly, they never did, but RCHS was able to take me into their program. I have struggled off and on with sneezing and sinus infections among other things.  To make sure I  was receiving the best care possible, RCHS's cat coordinator took me to K-State Vet Med, to see what really was going on.  It was found that I have a birth defect that left me with a hole in the roof of my mouth.  We are certain that this hole causes me more discomfort than sneezing and sinus infections.  The vets at K-State are going to try to repair my hole. 


Caroline is truly an awesome cat, who is super sweet.  She will be 100% adoptable as soon as she gets fixed up. Caroline is very much one lucky girl that an RCHS volunteer rescued her.  Her story is a great example not only how RCHS helps animals in the community, but also how the community helps make a difference.  Caroline's procedure is being paid for by a great community supporter.  This truly shows how if we all work together, we can make a difference one paw at a time.

Making a Difference:

Are you interested in helping making a difference in our community for companion animals?  There are numerous ways you can help! 


How can you help Caroline?  Thanks to the generosity of a community supporter, her medical expenses are paid.  However, after Caroline is healed, she will be ready for her 'furever' home.   If you have room in your home and heart for a new furry friend, we would all love to close this chapter of RCHS with the perfect ending for Caroline.  This sweetheart deserves nothing less.

*Note that the petfinder link has not been updated to reflect that surgery is an option to fix this hole.

Are you interested in becoming a guardian angel for our next animal with special needs?  RCHS frequently takes in animals that require special care. We believe that every animal deserves a fair chance.  This is why we have a guardian angel fund.  These funds are kept specifically for animals like Caroline.  We also try to keep in contact with the donors to let them know how their donation is truly making a difference for animal.  Updates are sent out and pictures are too if they are available.  If you are interested in helping make a difference, please visit the link below.  You can also mail checks to PO Box 1202 Manhattan, KS  66505

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for RCHS?  Companion animals in our community are constantly in need of our help, so there is always a need for volunteers.  If you are interested in being added to our volunteer list or helping with day to day tasks, please visit the link below.  There are many different ways you can volunteer.  The more volunteers we have, the more animals we can make a difference for.

Are you interested in becoming a licensed foster?  RCHS's network of foster homes was a key component in Caroline's story.  Without a foster home, who knows what Caroline's future would have held.  Fostering is a very rewarding experience, as foster homes help save lives.  Please consider fostering and making a difference.  Visit the link below, and start the process...