Gracie -- One Lucky Cat

Gracie is one lucky cat that has one amazing story tell, and a couple of  guardian angels to thank.  Our Cat Coordinator, Madelyn, picked up a cat from the Salina shelter that RCHS agreed to help with placement.  Gracie was a super sweet girl, and we figured she would be adopted fast.  As a standard procedure, Gracie was scanned for a micro-chip, and we got a hit.  Madelyn spoke with Salina to make sure they were aware she was chipped, and they said they were but weren't able to tie an owner to the chip.  So Madelyn being the kind, caring person she is, decided to dig deeper.  She and her husband explored all kinds of options and then finally they got a hit on the military registry for pets with microchips.  Madelyn called the guy in California and ask him if he had a missing cat and described Gracie in detail.  Lo and behold, it was this guy's cat, and she had been missing for about 5 years.  They have no idea how she ended up in Salina, KS, but they most certainly wanted their sweet Gracie back home in California.  One might think wow...Gracie really does have some luck.  Well, Gracie's luck of RCHS's fosters had planned to fly to California to visit family the first part of November and is taking Gracie with her.   Gracie just had to get all of her paperwork (health certificate for transport) taken care of, and then she was on her way home.  

Gracie is boarding the plane now, and is on her way.  The picture above is of her in her carrier traveling with the RCHS foster.  While Gracie is not excited about the trip, we are certain she will see it is all worth it in the end.  This is very rewarding for us, and we are all very excited for Gracie to finally be home.  All of these caring hearts working to help Gracie.  Thank you Madelyn and Kristy for going out of the way to get Gracie home.

This story is a great example to show that micro-chips really do work!  You just never know what will happen or where your furry family members might show up.  We hope to post a picture of Gracie when she is re-united with her family in California.