A 'Pretty' Great Story

Post date: Aug 25, 2012 3:52:02 PM

Pretty Girl.  That's a name that many of our volunteers know well.  Pretty Girl, a dog known for her intense shyness and fear of anyone other than her caregiver, was fostered by RCHS volunteers for a good amount of time.  In fact, she was in our program so long that we were quite possibly breaking laws by keeping her.  She was a good dog who behaved well for her foster parents, but when strangers would come near she would cower and run away.  Many a time did she escape from her harness or collar.  Many a time did she need to leave adoption events early because the stress was too much.  Until one day, when a couple visited her in Petco....and fell in love!  John saw something in Pretty that no other potential adopter had seen....  hope

Pretty's trial run with John and Sara was longer than normal.  It took her a while to trust her potential parents and to relax in the new environment.  John and Sarah didn't quit on Pretty, though.  Their patience and care paid off.  They adopted our most special dog and have since provided her with love and training and opportunities to grow and trust humans.  We cannot say for sure whether Pretty Girl was afraid of people because of a past abuse or just simply lack of socialization as a puppy, but it is evident to the volunteers who continue to visit with Pretty and her family that she is constantly improving and making her mom and dad proud.