Adopting a Pet

Adoptions are not handled on a first-come, first serve basis. Our priority is finding the best fit between adoptive families and the animals. 
By adopting an animal you are taking responsibility for its well being. As such you must be willing to:
  • Take the time needed for the proper care and training of your new pet.
  • Properly feed and maintain the health of your new pet, including regular vaccinations and medical treatment when necessary.
  • Care for your new pet for its ENTIRE lifetime, making sure that your commitment will be steady through any changes in your lifestyle or circumstances.
  • Return your animal to RCHS if it becomes impossible for you to meet the obligations above.
Our adoption process is designed to help ensure that you and your adopted pet will have a happy life together. Prior to adoption RCHS will:
  • Check the references you provide on your application.
  • If a landlord is involved, we will verify that they will allow your new pet on their property.
If you agree to this then the first step in our process is filling out our application.  Filling out the application does not obligate you to adopt but it does allow us to screen applicants before asking our volunteers to meet them.  If you have questions about a specific animal please feel free to e-mail our coordinators directly:
Please select the type of animal you are interested in adopting: