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Cat Profile

To complete the Cat Profile, please copy and paste the questions below into an e-mail. 
  • Please put "cat profile" in the subject line of the e-mail. 
  • Answer the questions
  • Don't forget to include a picture of your cat!
Send the e-mail to: cat-coordinators@rchsks.org

Your name:

Today's date:

Home phone:

Work phone:

Cell phone:

Work Extension:



State: Zip:


Can you keep the pet until it is adopted?

Pet's name:

Pet's gender:

Pet's description:


Weight (pounds):


Reason you are giving up the pet:

Ideal adoptive home: (please include whether or not your cat is ok around other dogs, cats, and children)

Veterinarian's name:

Veterinarian's phone number:

Date of most recent vet visit?

Is the pet spayed or neutered?

Vaccination dates:

FIV/Leukemia testing dates:

FIV/Leukemia testing results:

Does the pet have any old injuries or health problems?  If yes, please describe.

Current health concerns?

Does the pet need any medication or special diet?  If yes, please describe.

What is the pet's feeding schedule: (Fed in AM, fed in PM, free fed, etc)

What do you feed the pet?

How long have you had the pet?

Where was the pet acquired?

How much of the time was the pet outside?

How much of the time was the pet inside?

Where did you leave the pet when you were gone on vacation?

Is the pet litterbox trained?

If there are litterbox problems, has the pet been seen by a vet to rule out physical issues?

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