Adopting a Dog  

Our adoption process requires you to fill out an interview which helps us determine if you and the animal are a good match.  You will also need to fill out an adoption contract.   These forms must be submitted prior to you meeting the animal but do not commit you to the animal for which you are applying.

For the fastest possible response, please be sure to answer all mandatory questions in full, to obtain permission from your landlord for a dog (if applicable), and to let your references know that a RCHS representative will be contacting them (from a personal phone number, so the number will not show up as RCHS on caller ID).

To submit an application:

To submit an application to adopt a dog, please click the link below:

E-Mail (please use only if there is a problem with the online application. Thank you!)

Please do not use the email application unless you have encountered a problem using the online application. To use, copy and paste the contents of both of these files into an email and submit them to