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A Plea from the Black Cats of the Riley County Humane Society

posted Nov 6, 2011, 9:34 AM by Lynne Davy   [ updated Nov 6, 2011, 9:35 AM by Morgan Peters ]

We're the black cats of RCHS, and we have a few things to say. It has come to our attention that in the US, black cats have a bad reputation. And oh, that is so wrong!  Here are just a few reasons why you should adopt a black cat:

  • Black cats are loving. Look, we know our reputation--scary. We've seen the illustrations--skinny cats with nasty long teeth. And we're nothing like that. We'll go overboard to be as affectionate and loving as any fluffy white, pink-nosed bunny kitty could be, and you get all the other benefits too.
  • Black goes with everything. It's true. You know it; we know it. You've got your black power suit on, your white cat jumps on your lap, it's all over. But if your black cat wants a little love and affection, no harm done--your look is only enhanced! In fact, it looks like a mohair suit!
  • Black is beautiful. There's the deep, auburn shaded black, the blue black, the black with tiny white highlights here and there, the sleek black, the fluffy black, the black with bunny-soft fur, the black with yellow eyes, the black with green eyes, the black with grey eyes...Well, you get the picture. There are as many different kinds of black cats as there are cats! Black cats are the Rolls Royce of cats. We're always in style. We are the premier cat!
  • Black cats have more fun. We black cats are fun-loving, playful, full of spark and energy. We have to be to make up for this image we somehow got as dull and dreary. We're like the sun streaming in a window on a rainy day; we're like the circus coming to town; we're just plain fantastic. We are the epitome of a great time.
  • Black cats make great decorator cats. We are totally willing to pose on gold velvet, white velvet, pink velvet, or your sofa cushion to add taste and beauty to any room of your home. We'll perch on the brocade chair; we'll sleep on the rug; we'll curl in the middle of the bed. You name it, we're willing to go to great lengths to help you make your home beautiful. We're that kind of cat.
  • So please consider our brother and sister black cats when you're looking for a new fur friend. Remember our motto: Blacker, not slacker. We go the extra mile to please.