Featured Animals

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Allie is a German Shorthaired Pointer & Labrador Retriever Mix. She is a big goofball of a girl. She weighs 65 lbs and is 4 years old. Allie loves all people, including little ones. She may knock them over though if they're too little as she is a wiggly, jumpy, happy girl. Allie is great with other dogs but not good with cats. She has always been an outdoor dog but we would love to see her go to an indoor home. She will learn indoor rules quickly; she is a very bright girl. She would prefer to have a fenced yard though so she can burn off some energy playing with you or other dogs. She definitely seems to have that lab "forever puppy" quality and is still plenty energetic. Allie is a great dog who will make someone a wonderful new friend.
Photo by Windrow Photography

Meet Jackson! Jackson is an adult chow-chow mix. He is a big mellow sort of guy. He is estimated at around 7 years old and 55-60 lbs. Jackson is a little bit aloof with new people but has been friendly with everyone he's met so far. Since he is a quiet sort though, he would probably prefer a home without young children. Jackson came in to us from a shelter when his time was up. Based on his condition we are guessing he had always been an outdoor dog. He has done well being indoors, but he really needs to have a home with 6 ft fence in his permanent home or he will miss his outdoor time. Jackson will go wander off if let off his leash or in a short fence that he could get over. Jackson does very well with the other dogs he's met since he came in, including a very small dog. We are not sure what he thinks of cats. This boy deserves a great home.
Photo by Windrow Photography

Ferrets Honey and Amber are a bonded pair of sisters. They are roughly 3 years old and very lovable. They do very well with children as long as the children are gentle and taught to handle them correctly. They also do not seem to mind cats or dogs but don't seem to have much interest in socializing with them. They are litter trained but do not use a corner litter box as they both like to try to be in the box at the same time. We have fashioned a long litter box from a tupperware container with one side cut out low enough for them to enter and exit. They spend much of their time playing and cuddling together and so enjoy one another's company. They also love their human fosters and very much enjoy when they get to play with their fishing pole toy. Both will give kisses from time to time when extremely happy and they have shown no signs of being nippy or bity at this time. They are super calm during bath time and love to burrow and play in towels.
Photo by Little Leapling Photography

Sam was surrendered by a very loving owner who was becoming homeless. Sam and his daughter Oops joined RCHS in early April. Sam is the big man of the house. Being 7 years old and weighing in at 22lbs we sometimes call him Big Sam. Despite his size, he is very athletic and enjoys exploring the house and running around with the other animals in the house. He lives with his daughter, Oops, and his foster family's cat and dog. He hoards toys and his favorite toy is a catnip filled stuffed carrot. He hides them from his foster siblings by laying on them so they can't even be seen! He loves to snuggle and in the mornings can be found laying on his foster mom's lap and her computer keyboard. He also loves to sunbathe by the back door. Sam is very sweet and loving and a complete snuggler. He also has a prompt bedtime of 7:30pm so it is hard to wake him after that. He is currently on a weight loss regimen so he can live a healthy and long life in his forever home!
Photo by Windrow Photography