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Upcoming Elections and Position Descriptions

Each year RCHS warmly invites and sincerely welcomes nominations and applications for all volunteer positions, this includes all positions on the Board of Directors.

The Process

Read the position descriptions by clicking on the links below.  Some positions require membership in RCHS, some do not.  If you would like to become a member of RCHS you can do so here.

Members interested in Board positions (the Executive Committee and the Chair positions of the remaining six committees below) may nominate themselves by sending an e-mail to the RCHS Secretary, James Thompson, at  You may also nominate another member to a Board position.

Nominations should be received by March 9, 2011.  Additional nominations may be made, but must be supported by a minimum of five voting members and filed with the Secretary not less than 15 days before the RCHS Annual Meeting on May 9.  All nominations to Board positions will be voted on at the RCHS Annual Meeting on May 9, 2011.

All non-board positions are appointed by the Chairs of the relevant committees.  You need not wait until May to begin serving in these areas.  If you are interested in a position other than a committee chairmanship, please complete a Volunteer Application here.  Check the "other" box under "volunteer areas", and write in the title of the position description in which you have an interest.  If you have questions about the position, e-mail the RCHS Secretary, James Thompson, so that he can put you in contact with the appropriate committee chair.

Please do not be shy to put yourself forward.  We always hope to have co-chairs, co-coordinators and many volunteers in order to maximize the impact RCHS has on the well being of homeless and endangered animals in our community.

If you are concerned that you would not be able to fulfill all of the responsibilities of a position, consider that you may be able to partner with another volunteer to get the job done.

If you are concerned that you do not have all the knowledge or qualifications expected for a position, we may be able to help you grow into the fulfillment of those expectations by close partnership with a more experienced member or volunteer.

We hope that you will think carefully about your skills, abilities, and interests, and from there choose to make a solid commitment to your community, to RCHS, and to the animals we work to protect.  If the animals could speak, they'd thank you.

Here is a listing of links to all Position Descriptions.

Executive Committee

Foster and Adoption Committee

·       Adoption Follow-up Volunteer

·       Exotics Foster Home  Volunteer

Membership Committee

Volunteer Committee

Cruelty and Welfare Committee

Humane Education Committee


Thank you for thinking of the Riley County Humane Society.